About Us

What is Jindokai?

Jindokai means ‘Society of the Way of Benevolence’. If you hit hard, repair the damage twice over. If you do good in the first place, you won't have to hit hard.. The bulk of the training in Northampton and Milton Keynes clubs is karate but we incorporate other styles too. This produces more rounded martial artists.


What will you learn?

KARATE - The spine of Jindokai is a traditional Okinawan style of karate known as Shorin Ryu. The main emphasis in training is the development of effective blocks, kicks, punches, strikes and footwork for unarmed combat. This constitues the majority of the training within the club. Basics, kata and kumite are broken down and taught mostly for a self defence perspective rather than point scoring.

AIKIJUTSU – This is a traditional Japanese martial art practiced for hundreds of years and is the basis for modern day Aikido, in the same way that jujutsu is the basis for modern Judo. Aiki Jutsu focuses on locks, throws and holds for restraint. By moving in harmony with an opponent and diverting his/her energy you can unbalance and ‘defeat’ them without using strength or undue force.

GOSHIN JUTSU – Literally means self defence. One reason many people take up martial arts is for self defence. The goshin jutsu part of our syllabus teaches students to take the learning from traditional karate and aikijutsu and incorporate it effectively in modern day self defence.

GROUNDWORK – Here we learn effective techniques for defence when you find yourself on the floor.

KOBUDO – This is the martial art of traditional weapons. These are all Okinawan farming implements such as bo, sai, tonfa and kama.

Is Jindokai for me?

Practised as a martial art Jindokai is suitable for everyone from the age of 7 regardless of ability or previous experience. Jindokai is suitable for ALL the family.

Jindokai is also about ‘learning to learn’ or learning how to discipline and understand your own body and mind. Practising in the martial arts is often described as a battle against yourself.


This fitness aspect of Jindokai is progressive. If you are not fit you will only be expected to do what you can and over a period of time you will become fitter. We take fitness seriously. Those who train regularly become incredibly fit. Weight loss, strength, coordination, muscle tone, flexibility and balance come with regular Jindokai training.