Milton Keynes News

Tell me about the club?

Eddie: The club has been running now for over 6 years and from 3 different venues in Northampton. The phenomenal success of the club means we are now bringing Jindokai Karate to families in Milton Keynes. I am the Chief Instructor and have been doing martial a variety of martial arts for over 16 years. All the instructors in the club are AMA qualified, CRB checked and insured.

What’s your take on karate?

Eddie: Well, Karate is an excellent self defence system. Now days (in my opinion) there is too much focus on sport karate which tends to favour the young and athletic. Whilst there is a sport element to our ‘syllabus’, we focus more on karate’s roots, which is self defence. That’s why Jindokai karate is suitable for all the family.

What will people in Milton Keynes get from your classes?

Eddie: Well, if you take on board the principles I have mentioned, my students will become physically fitter, mentally stronger, and have the tools to deal with an attack on the street.

My philosophy is ‘one club’. We teach adults and children together encouraging family participation. This is something that has worked so well for our club. How often do children and parents learn something together as equals? Our club is a wonderful way for families to come together to do something positive, healthy and that offers a vital skill set. Kids love learning with their parents.

Our classes are also a superb vehicle to help defend against cardiovascular disease, weight gain, diabetes and stress related illnesses.

Finally, Martial arts are great for teaching us a basic lesson in life. With effort, desire and belief you can achieve most things. This is especially important for children to learn

Is your style of karate different?

Eddie: Firstly, let me say that I would encourage everyone to take up a martial art as long as it is with a good instructor. I am not of the opinion that there is only one way. There are no bad martial arts but there are bad instructors and clubs! To answer the question, I cannot comment on what other instructors teach but what I can say is Jindokai is a very special organisation. It is full of experts in different martial arts keen to share their knowledge. Students in Milton Keynes and Northampton will learn punches, kicks, blocks, evasion, locks, takedowns and even some ground grappling. Karate will be the ‘cornerstone’ martial art but some Aikijutsu, Goshin Jutsu and Kobudo too!